I have a feeling that the time has come for Motueka Community Shares.


Submitted by Member 82 on 18-Mar-2020

The moment that Motueka Community Shares has been waiting for has arrived!

We have many tools at our fingertips for surviving and thriving during the coming weeks/months/years. Locally and globally communities are starting to panic about the impact that Covid-19 is having and will continue to have on our lives. Motueka Community Shares is one such tool. For many months the COSH website has been spammed with dozens of fake membership applications every day, so many that it takes hours to sort through them to find genuine new local applicants and delete the rest. I did this up until a few months ago but it's overwhelmed me now. So we can't really promote it or invite new members until that's sorted.  However existing members can still trade. 

Are you motivated to join me in trying to remove the obstacles to our fabulous local currencies thriving and make it the fully functional community building platform it could be? I welcome feedback and help with this, and I'm even brave enough to meet with a few people, at my place or elsewhere to develop a great plan going forward.

Love and wellness



Expiring: 18 03 2021